Thursday, December 1, 2011

bad bash completion in ubuntu

=========in 11.10==============

ls /tmp and a space is added instead of /

sudo apt-get purge bash-completion
sudo apt-get install bash-completion

sudo does not autocomplete:

complete -cf sudo
in .basrc of the user

===========in 12.04=========
comment the following in /etc/bash_completion

# makeinfo and texi2dvi are defined elsewhere.
#for i in a2ps awk bash bc bison cat colordiff cp csplit \
#    curl cut date df diff dir du enscript env expand fmt fold gperf gprof \
#    grep grub head indent irb ld ldd less ln ls m4 md5sum mkdir mkfifo mknod \
#    mv netstat nl nm objcopy objdump od paste patch pr ptx readelf rm rmdir \
#    sed seq sha{,1,224,256,384,512}sum shar sort split strip tac tail tee \
#    texindex touch tr uname unexpand uniq units vdir wc wget who; do
#    have $i && complete -F _longopt -o default $i


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