Friday, April 22, 2016

ein ipython notebook

ein does not work when the system variables http_proxy and https_proxy are set.


gives the error

REQUEST [error] Error (error) while connecting to
REQUEST [error] Callback is not called when stopping process! Explicitly calling from timer.
ein: [error] Content list call failed with status timeout.

remove the variables and set the proxies manually.

(setq url-proxy-services '(("no_proxy" . "")
                           ("http" . "")))

For erc:
(setq socks-noproxy '("localhost"))
(require 'socks)
(setq erc-server-connect-function 'socks-open-network-stream)
(setq socks-server (list "proxyIdentifier" "" 8080 5))

where 5 is the SOCKS version (can be 4)

to have inline images in emacs, libraries for the images are required, otherwise the following error is reported

Error (websocket): in callback `on-message': error: "Not an image: nil"

in windows
copy bin/libpng16-16.dll and bin/zlib1.dll of

to emacs's bin directory

To enable / disable transparent plots:

import matplotlib
where x is the alpha (0 for transparent, 1 for fully opaque)


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